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Please call the Education Center at 812-438-2437 for more information or to

Education Center of Rising Sun offers free classes to help students prepare for the
high school equivalency (HSE) exam along with tools and skills you need to find a
job and/or go to college. The classes are dedicated to changing the future of those
students who didn’t finish high school. There is no timeline here, and no way to tell
you how quickly you’ll receive your equivalency, but the more focused and
dedicated you are, the faster you will achieve what you want.

The typical student didn’t finish high school because life got in the way. Some
students had to take care of family members, so they left high school to start
working and making money. Other students had their own children and had to
leave to get a job and make money to support their families. For some students,
maturity played a big role and whatever decisions they made, they are reversing
now. Every Adult Education student enters the program with one common goal:
finishing what they started. Adult Education students are ready to finally get what
they need to make positive, lifelong changes.

First, students contact the office and schedule an intake session. You will need to
bring an Indiana ID, for example IN Drivers licence, IN photo ID or IN ID card.  
During the 2-3 hour intake session, students will complete some paperwork asking
for basic information and then complete a pretest. This pretest is not pass or fail,
but it is important; the pretest places the student into a grade equivalency.  The
pretest, broken into four subjects, will determine the student’s strengths and
weaknesses and allows the teachers to know how to best work with the student
going forward. For example, one student may place in the 11th grade equivalency
in Language and Reading, but in the 5th grade equivalency in Math. This gives
everyone an idea on what the coursework should contain. Classes are typically
smaller sessions with experienced, understanding and helpful instructors dedicated
to seeing their students succeed.

Call us!  You don’t need any supplies. We provide pencils, paper, workbooks,
calculators, etc.!

Students always want to know how long it will take. So again, remember, the fastest
way to get your HSE is to be in class, on time, every time. So do your best to
arrange childcare, transportation, work schedules, etc. around the class schedule
so that you can dedicate yourself to class as often as possible.

If you are 16 or 17, we will need an official Exit Interview from the high school. State
policy will not allow you to take the test if you are under 18 and do not have a
signed exit interview.